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<p>Civilization VI debuted on iPad last December as an early Christmas surprise, and now we’re being treated to more Civilization goodness in the shape of two DLC packs—the Poland Civilization &amp; Scenario Pack, and the Vikings Scenario Pack.The Poland Pack seats you at the head of the Polish civilization. Rule your fledgling empire with Jadwiga, a Winged Hussar Unit. The pack also introduces the Sukiennice Building and gives you access to the Jadwiga’s Legacy scenario.</p><p>And should you choose to purchase the Vikings Scenario Pack, you’ll gain access to new Natural Wonders and six City-States. With the Vikings, Traders, and Raiders! Scenario you can conquer the world as a fearsome Viking lord. Good times, right?</p><p>You can buy the Poland Civilization &amp; Scenario Pack and the Vikings Scenario Pack right now on the App Store for £4.99 a piece. You’ll need the full copy of Civilization VI to play either, but good news! Civ VI is 50% until March 1.</p><p>Just getting started? We have plenty of helpful guides to help your civilization make it through the Dark Ages.</p>.

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