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<p>After a very successful release back in August 2016, Reigns will shortly be getting its first expansion AND another standalone game based on a queen instead of a king.</p><p>Francis Alliot, the creator of Reigns, said in a recent interview (which I've included below for those of you who speak French) that the expansion pack should be bringing us a few new cards and extra maps to help bring a little more content to the game.</p><p>More excitingly we'll also be getting Reigns 2 sometime in the next few months...hopefully. Reigns 2 acts as a standalone game in which you play as a queen, not a king. Rather than looking at medieval ruling, the game's set more around the 1700s where it was more political and less blood and brute force.</p><p>The interesting factor about this one is that it'll be focussing more on 'feminie' power. Alliot says that they're looking to go a little further in Reigns 2, so fingers crossed we'll have a richer story-line to go alongside it.</p><p>There's no specific date set just yet but we should be looking around Q1/Q2 2017, and hopefully across all platforms.</p>.

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