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<p>The day has finally come for Android players to set out and attempt to build the world's greatest empire in Civilization VI. Yes, the acclaimed strategy game is now available on Google Play for the first time alongside its giant Gathering Storm and Rise and Fall expansions.</p><p>The base game is actually free to start, meaning you'll get your first 60 turns for free before being given the option to purchase the entire thing for $19.99.</p>Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War review - "Terrible name, fantastic game"<p>But that's not all, as the game's major expansions &ndash; Gathering Storm and Rise and Fall &ndash; are also now available for even heftier sums of money. They're priced at $39.99 and $29.99 respectively. The expansions arrived on iOS last year for the same price.&nbsp;</p>.

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