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<p>As noticed on Reddit this morning, it looks like Mushroom Wars 2 is on its way to Switch.</p><p>Mushroom Wars 2 is a popular real-time strategy available on iOS, Android, and Steam. In it, you'll have to consider the best tactics to split up your tribes of orange mushrooms (offensive) and purple mushrooms (neutral) to attempt to take control of the battlefield.</p><p>It builds on the core gameplay of its predecessor and brings us new abilities, a story-driven campaign of over 100 missions, 12 characters, and four tribes to lend yourself to: Shrooms, Proteus Aliens, Shii'Mori Amazons, and Grim Necromancers.</p><p>Though there's been no huge announcements just yet, the Switch logo is now in plain sight on the official website, and consider its flexibility between single and online/local multiplayer, it'd be a pretty good fit for the portable platform.</p><p>What do you guys think? Would you be interested in seeing Mushroom Wars 2 on the Switch, or are you not that fussed?</p>.

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