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Driving School 3D Simulator(MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.5.24592)

<p>Ultra addictive hopping sim Crossy Road has been updated with six new characters. Including a girl with a skipping rope, and a gazelle, a giraffe, and a zebra.</p><p>You'll also get to play as Rattles and 3.1 - who are both from the upcoming Shooty Skies: a game made by Mighty Games Group, of which Crossy Road devs Matt Hall and Andy Sum are directors.</p><p>Unfortunately, a bug right now means that these new characters won't pop out of the gacha machine, so you'll need to pay 79p / 99c a pop to unlock them.</p><p>Or you can wait until the update next week which will fix this glitch, and add Pac-Man and the ghosts as characters, to celebrate the launch of Pac-Man 256.</p>.

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