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<p>Stomped! was announced around two years ago when the developers were looking for beta testers for their side-scrolling snowboarding game. It's gained a whole exclamation point at the end of the title since then and it's now available on iOS and Android.</p><p>Stomped! In yet another game published by Noodlecake Studios, who is on something of a release streak at the moment, having released both Farm Punks and Trail Boss BMX fairly recently. Stomped! is a little closer to the latter being an extreme sports-centric game.</p><p>According to the devs they've aimed for a hybrid of snowboarding and skateboarding with Stomped! Of course, all the various grinds, flicks and grabs you can pull off will be performed through a swipe control system.</p><p>As you plough your way through the 36 levels on offer you'll be tasked with completing as many combos as you can handle. Your score on each stage is determined by how well you can maintain a good flow of all your combos without face planting into the ground.</p>.

GAME NAME Guess the Song 2015

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com.sigmateam.Guess the Song

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