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1、The mind and sight distractedly commixed.<p>Foursaken Media's medieval action-defence sequel Heroes and Castles 2 will be out tonight. But we already knew that.</p><p>As with the first game, Heroes and Castles 2 has you defending a a fortress from skeletons and other angry monsters in a third-person view.</p><p>To do this, you can charge in with sword and shield. But you'll also want to make use of summoning elves and dwarves, and using siege weapons such as trebuchet and catapults.</p><p>Eventually, you'll aim to turn the tables by launching an attack on the enemy's castle. And, yes, if you're wondering, this is single player and multiplayer. You can play with friends cooperatively or competitively.</p>

2、�Bullet Force(Unlimited Ammo)



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2、&#;Love to myself, and to no love beside.



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