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<p>If the name given to you at birth (or, in this case, at manufacture) is Odd, then it seems likely that you're fated to live a peculiar life.</p><p>Odd is the name of the robot in upcoming iOS puzzler Odd Bot Out. And yes, you could say that Odd is having a bit of an odd life.</p><p>Odd was thrown into a recycling plant, either by mistake or out of, presumably, despise. Your task is to help Odd get out of that place.</p><p>You do this by constructing bridges, cars, and robot centipedes for Odd to use to traverse each challenge.</p><p>You put cubes together, put plugs in sockets, align wheels, and move metal winches. Then Odd moves its spindly legs into position, looking like a newborn giraffe trying to understand how knees work.</p><p>It's a puzzle game that looks pretty nifty in the trailer. All of it is physics-based adding some authentic clumsiness to the block building. And electric currents are simulated in the game too.</p>.

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